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  • Upper Orwell Crossings: December Update December 12, 2017
    The next stage of this project will be the Ground Investigation work.To inform the design of the crossings, it is important to have detailed informationof the geology in the area and the strength of those materials. Extensive groundinvestigations are therefore planned for the new year. The site compound for thiswork is off Wykes Bishop Street […]
  • Vanity Bridge consultation delayed by a year November 30, 2017
    Suffolk County Council appears to have delayed the consultation for the Upper Orwell Crossings by a year, pushing the project back further. Concerns are raised why they have felt the need to do this. It hints at the cluelessness surrounding basic details of where the bridge will go and the specifications of the bridge. Struggling […]
  • Bankside (Grafton Way) estimates Vanity Bridge at £150m November 29, 2017
    Penn Commercial estate agents have hinted at a "£150m new river crossing" in the Bankside Ipswich property particulars. 880 Has the cost of the Upper Orwell Crossings now hit £150m? This is almost double the secured central government monies of £77m. Suffolk County Council is reportedly paying £20m towards the project. What about the other […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: August Update November 7, 2017
    Not much more new information about the Upper Orwell Crossings (vanity bridge)... what we currently know...In May 2017 there was an Upper Orwell Crossing Navigation Working Group meetingCornhill Redevelopment got approval during purdah to safeguard the investment in return for the vanity bridgeBen Gummer used the vanity bridge as his sole political marketing campaign, which […]
  • David Ellesmere: "lack of clarity" over Upper Orwell Crossings September 19, 2017
    At the most recent "Council" meeting of Ipswich Borough Council, the Labour Council Leader Councillor David Ellesmere responded to the following question " What are plans from the Council to ensure clear information and regular project updates are shared with both the townsfolk and the local MP, to ensure that people don’t jump to the […]
  • Enterprise Island: no clear plan September 12, 2017
    David Ellesmere has said there is no "clear plan" to develop Enterprise Island but the council has received a presentation in the early stages relating to "Enterprise Island" with the concept being developed by land owner ABP. It appears as though the goal is housing and they are waiting on the flood defences before they […]
  • IBC Council Meeting: Upper Orwell Crossings September 12, 2017
    Question 2 to be put to Councillor Ellesmere by Ms L AlexanderMs Alexander: This Question is for Councillor Ellesmere. It is reassuring thatthe Council, local institutions and business leaders are seemingly much infavour of the Upper Orwell Crossing project and the significant benefits itcould bring to Ipswich. What are the Council’s intention on actually seeing […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: Timescales And 2020-21 Funding Deadline August 10, 2017
    Funding from the government has been secured until the end of the 2020/21 financial year.It is important that consent is obtained in 2017 and work to begin 2019/2020.The £77m budget is capped - no further monies from central government. The current cost is now circa £100m instead of the earlier £60m Wet Dock Crossing estimate.What […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: From £60m To £98m In 2 Years August 10, 2017
    How much would the Upper Orwell Crossings cost the taxpayer?In 2014 as part of the build up to the following years General Election campaign, Ben Gummer stated the Wet Dock Crossing (as it was known at the time) would cost £60m. (Third paragraph in the image)290 What is now apparent is figures of close to […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: More Important Than Copdock Interchange? August 10, 2017
    Look on Google Maps (with traffic layer) at pretty much anytime of the day, what do you notice? A mandatory red mark on the northbound A12 carriageway at Copdock Interchange. Most of the time, the westbound slip road off the A14 is no better either. 286 Similar story on waze...287 Same on Traffic England website... […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: Is It About Social Class? August 6, 2017
    So why resurrect the Wet Dock Crossing plans and put this before plans of a Northern Bypass when all those who are strongly in favour of the Upper Orwell Crossings (including Colin Noble who has been forced to step in) have seemed content that we need both? Is there a valid purpose of improved infrastructure […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: Who Is Paying For It? July 22, 2017
    It is a major infrastructure project for Suffolk & Ipswich, so it is highly likely costs will only rise (especially with opposition against the bridges which is likely to push back the timescales).No one is giving exact figures - using initial publicly revealed figures of £77m from the Department for Transport - and £20m contribution […]
  • Wet Dock Crossing/upper Orwell Crossings Terminology July 21, 2017
    I have heard various phrases/terms coined for the main bridge across the River Orwell at the Ipswich Waterfront.This is as follows:-Wet Dock Crossing / Wet Dock Crossings (plural) / WDC (Acronym)Upper Orwell Crossing / Upper Orwell Crossings (plural) / UOC (Acronym)Upper Orwell River Crossing / Upper Orwell River Crossings (plural) / UORC (Acronym)Less frequently used […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: Tender Evaluation Scoresheets July 20, 2017
    Due to a Freedom of Information request, this is an ideal insight into how RIBA architecture competitions work.A curious understanding how these competitions are run and how a firm can go from shortlist to winner. The minimum specifications as per the tender have to be met to stand a chance - all shortlisted architecture firms […]
  • Upper Orwell Crossings: Fosters + Partners Tender Evaluation Scoresheet July 20, 2017
    This is the Tender Evaluation Scoresheet for Fosters + Partners. RIBA competition. Obtained from FOI request.152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 Download Fosters + Partners Tender Evaluation Scoresheet
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  • Orwell crossing bridge work still on schedule as ground testing continues November 30, 2017
    Orwell crossing bridge work still on schedule as ground testing continues. Suffolk County Council leader Colin Noble has insisted that work to build a new bridge across the River Orwell near Ipswich town centre remains on schedule.Continue reading... on Ipswich Star
  • Willis Building architects chosen for Upper Orwell Crossing March 17, 2017
    Foster wins race to build new bridges over River Orwell at Ipswich portOne of the world’s best-known architect practices has won the race to design three new bridges over the docks in Ipswich.Foster + Partners, the group that designed the world-famous Willis building in the heart of the town, will design the bridges that form […]
  • Suffolk County Council leader misleads public before local elections March 14, 2017
    It’s not Orwell Crossing OR Northern by-pass insists council leaderGovernment funding for the Upper Orwell Crossing in Ipswich will not affect a bid for funds to build a northern by-pass for the town, county council leader Colin Noble has said.The government is committed to paying £77m towards the near £100m cost of the three new […]
  • New Orwell Crossings in Ipswich could be open to traffic in six years March 9, 2017
    New Orwell Crossings in Ipswich should be open to traffic in six yearsThree new crossings over the River Orwell near Ipswich town centre should be open by 2023, county councillors have been told.Members of the county’s scrutiny committee looked at the way the project to build the three new crossings in Ipswich and a new […]