The Upper Orwell Crossings a Southern Relief Route for a closed Orwell Bridge. An alternative for out-of-town infrastructure improvements

Think back to the 20th Century when bypasses were built to stop traffic coming into Ipswich. The local section of the A45 (now A14) was built (along with the Orwell Bridge and A12 junction) to eliminate the need for Felixstowe HGV traffic to go through Ipswich. The old Ipswich Bypass A1214 was designed to take traffic out of the town centre. Now, in the 21st Century where we know more about air quality (air pollution) and road safety more than ever, local government is wanting to take off traffic from the A14 and put it through the town centre!

The government's relaxed attitude in supporting both Ipswich and the biggest container port in the UK is poor. Suffolk has no motorways, yet it has the premier container port. A Northern Bypass was axed in the 1990s, a much needed Ipswich orbital. There is no contingency plan for a closed Orwell Bridge which cuts off Felixstowe without going through Ipswich. Instead of A12 and A14 upgrades and a Northern Bypass - Ipswich is being used as a contingency.

Southern Relief Route

The Southern Relief Route consists of the Upper Orwell Crossing and connecting roads. To the west this is either the A1214 from J55 through to Ranelagh Road, Burrell Road, Vernon Street and Hawes Street or West End Road, Chancery Road, Grafton Way, Bridge Street, Vernon Street and Hawes Street, or A137 Wherstead Road from J56. To the east this is Landseer Road or Cliff Lane through to Nacton Road to J57 or Nacton Road, Ransomes Way, and Felixstowe Road to J58. South East Ipswich with Ransomes Europark, Ravenswood, Warren Heath Sainsburys and Futura Park struggles enough already.

Northern Relief Route

The Northern Relief Route will consist of the proposed Northern Relief Road from the A14 to Henley Road, this traffic would then connect to the old A1214 Ipswich Bypass through Valley Road and either connect to the A12 at Martlesham via A1214 Main Road Kesgrave or the A14 through Heath Road, Bixley Road, Felixstowe Road, Ransomes Way and Nacton Road. We will focus on the Southern Relief Route.